Get rid of rats and mice – 5 useful homemade methods

get rid of rats

These procedures might prevent you from requiring a professional.

Mice are one of the nastiest visitors our home could have. Like every living being, their instinct for protection and the constant search for food are the reasons why these rodents find in our home the best option to live.

According to Cindy Mannes, spokeswoman for the National Pest Management Association, fall and winter are the times of year when, due to extreme weather, homes and restaurants are at risk of having more animal pests such as rats, cockroaches, among others, because the cold makes them want to shelter in a warm and comfortable place.

Therefore, we present the 5 home methods to get rid of rats and mice from your house.

Insulate doors, windows and holes

The first step in not allowing not only mice, but any nasty animals into your home, is to seal the doors, squid the windows and make sure there are no holes in the outside of your home through which you can gnaw until you enter.


The aroma of mint can be a natural repellent for these animals, so you can place cotton balls bathed in peppermint oil around the entrances of your home. If you do not want to leave cottons around your house, you can dispose of leaves of this plant. You can even contemplate having one in your garden and near your doors to ward off rodents.

Parisian dry um and cocoa powder

The plaster, in addition to helping you fill holes in the house to prevent a mouse from wanting to make its way into your home, can also serve as a poison if it already finds traces of the presence of one. Find where the rodent is likely to be entering, make a homogeneous mixture of plating with cocoa powder, and place it near that area. The mouse will be attracted to the sweetness of the food, but the plaster will affect its organism until death.


It functions similarly to mint, however, the biggest problem lies in its rapid decomposition, so it should leave new slices every day. If you have pets, you should also make sure that it is not within reach, because they can also be toxic to them.

Natural predators – Get rid of rats and mice

The most common would be to get a cat to become the protector of your home. Barn owls are also the natural predators of mice, so if you manage to attract these birds, rest assured that you won’t receive unwanted guests. Now, if you do not like to have a pet because of the responsibility that comes with it, you can get used cat litter with one of your neighbors and place them in containers near the entrances or accesses where rodents could enter, because their only aroma could keep them away from their home.

It should be noted that a daily prevention measure so that your house does not suffer from any animal pest, is to protect your food in closed containers and not leave food waste scattered around the rooms. Although having mice is not synonymous with your home not being clean, the special care that is taken in hygiene in this regard, could prevent the access of unwelcome tenants to your home.

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